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Welcome to the fastest and safest exchange platform for your giftcards and cryptocurrency


Real time exchange rates for cards and bitcoins are not stable, they change by the minute depending on demand and supply and other unforeseen market conditions , but rest assured. our rates are highly competitive the highest in the markets at any given time. 


For the past four years, we have maintained a record of completing transactions under eight minutes


We have not incurred a single incidence of carelessness during our years of operation, simply because we care


Avoid getting short-changed by dealing with us, we give the best rates that is why we are referred to friends and family

How to trade

Step 1: Click on the ‘trade here” button to start a WhatsApp chat with our agent

Step 2: State what you have for sale and how much.

Step 3: Our agent responds with the current market rate.

Step 4: Once rate has been agreed on, you send in your unused gift cards, then you wait while we process your card

Step 5: Once card is done, you provide bank details for payment. 

We buy/sell giftcards and cryptocurrencies


We sell and purchase Bitcoin all year round. Our exchange rate is based on the current market rates. We done short-change you.


We buy and sell Ethereum at any part of the year. Our exchange rate is based on the current market rates. We done short-change you.


We buy and sell all giftcards, amazon, google, steam, itunes, playstation, nintendo. We buy any giftcard you can think of.

Happy clients

I have been a customer of CNC for over 2 years, there has never been an issue with our transactions, they deliver as they promise.
- OluwaGbemiga Ibadan
Bitcoin rates are the best here, transaction speed could be as fast as 45 seconds at times.
- Sam Lekki
I am Ghanian we have carried out over 100 smooth transactions over the recent months, I get paid in bitcoins, distance isn't a barriers trust CNC.
- Kwameh Accra Ghana.
I have referred more than 10 friends to CardsAndCoins, they have given me referral bonuses every time I referred friends.
Judith, PortHarcourt


– we have been in business since 2016, consistently providing the best exchange services iin Nigeria 

– an average trade window with cards and coins takes around 2-5 minutes.

-We buy as low as $20 worth of bitcoins and there’s no limit to how much we buy

– We run a drop shipping enterprise and gift cards make cross border payments fast and cheap, which is the exact reason behind this “sell your giftcards to us” frenzy.

– Yes we sell gift cards, but low quantities not bulk.

– YES that’s right, we believe in referrals and how well it helps our business grow, so we duly reward referrals at cardsandcoinsng.